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TOP 5 unforgettable teambuilding experiences in Vysočina region

Turn your teambuilding into an adventure to remember! In addition to breathtaking scenery, the Highlands offer experiences that will test your courage and teamwork. From mysterious expeditions in the streets of Trebic to adrenaline challenges in Adrex Base Camp to the wild west in Šikland. And when you've had enough adventure, the Resort Svatá Kateřina and Chateau Herálec will treat you to relaxation in the style of kings. Get ready for team building that will make your Monday meetings never look the same again!
Resort Svatá Kateřina - cyklistika

In today's ever-changing work environment, where teams often work remotely, it is increasingly important to find ways to strengthen the bonds between colleagues and improve teamwork. Team building is not just another company event, but a key tool for building trust, communication and collaboration. It's an opportunity to step out of the conference room and place collaboration in new and novel contexts that foster creativity and mutual understanding. And where else to experience unforgettable teambuilding than in Vysočina, the heart of the Czech Republic? The Vysočina region offers an ideal place for teams scattered all over the country to meet. It is a place where everyone can meet halfway, symbolically underlining the idea of cooperation and joint efforts. Here, surrounded by picturesque landscapes and rich history, you can experience teambuilding activities that not only strengthen team spirit, but also offer a unique opportunity for each team member to discover new sides of themselves and their colleagues.

Adrex Base Camp - tandemový seskok

Harmony found its name in Resort Svatá Kateřina

The Svatá Kateřina Resort offers a unique combination of wellness experiences and team activities, ideal for groups looking to relax and strengthen team spirit in a peaceful and inspiring environment. Located in the heart of the Highlands countryside, the Resort provides the perfect sanctuary where stress melts away faster than ice cream in the July sun.

A wide range of wellness services including saunas and massages help reduce stress and restore team energy. Ride the wave of your imagination and experience an unforgettable event or team building with your colleagues. Recharge your energy, relax your body and soul. You will have a lot of fun. In a place that is inspiring in itself. Imagine original Ayurvedic therapies, various yoga classes, massages, relaxation in the wellness area, but also the opportunity to relax actively. Popular activities include Nordic walking, horse riding and golf on the training meadow, bike rides around the area or meditation in the Druid circle. And the best part of it all? It's all wrapped up in a convenient package that makes planning a breeze. From accommodations, to royal feasts, to endless ways to enjoy every moment.


More information on the website of Resort Svatá Kateřina.

A journey full of history, flavours and dances in Třebíč

Get ready for an adventure in Třebíč, a city where history comes alive and UNESCO monuments are not just a backdrop! Trebic isn't just a city you see - it's a city where you become part of the story. Walk the streets, where every stone whispers stories from the past, and prepare to take away not only photos but also a piece of living history.

For those who don't just want to passively admire, but want a real experience, these magical packages are perfect. A tour of St. Procopius Basilica and the rear synagogue is a must What would a visit be without sampling the local culinary treasures? Whether it's kosher wine, fiery Trebic whiskey or frothy local beer, your taste buds will rejoice! But wait, that's not all! The dance group will show you how to dance Jewish dances, and before you know it, you'll be twirling to the beat with the others. And those who like to create together can try a Jewish candy baking class. So come to Trebic, where history, culture and gastronomy come together in a unique experience that's perfect for everyone - from little explorers to big adventurers. This is no ordinary visit, but a journey of discovery, tastes and dances that you will remember forever!

Poznej Třebíč - ochutnávka košer vína v zadní synagoze

More information on the Poznej Třebíč website.

Adrenaline paradise in the heart of the Highlands

Get ready for an adventure that will take you beyond the limits of an ordinary day and plunge you into the whirlwind of adrenaline and flavours that only Vysočina region can offer! The valley of the Svratka River will turn into your personal playground, where nature plays the main role in your story full of sport, gastronomy and unforgettable moments. Yes, this is the Vortex - not just a place on the map, but a state of mind!

Forget boring office days and bring your colleagues or clients to this magical corner of the country where every event brings joy and excitement. Whether you're a dream team or a group of adventurous souls, everyone will have fun in the Vortex (Vír = Vortex). Large group or small team? No problem, all groups are stars here. Immerse yourself in a world where every day is an adventure and every experience is original. The backdrop of the Vortex Factory is more than just a place - it's a gateway to experiences that will exceed your expectations. In the Valley of Sport, every activity becomes an unforgettable story. Forget the clichés and stereotypes of traditional agencies - here they do corporate events their way. Just choose the date and everything else will be taken care of. Get ready for an experience that will entertain and inspire you to feel alive again. Welcome to the Vortex - where every day is an adventure waiting to be lived!

Adrex Base Camp - ferraty

Více informací na stránkách Adrex Base Camp.

Wild West in the Vysočina region

Forget about classic teambuilding and focus your compasses on Šikland! Experience a day full of experiences that will bring you together, cheer you up and maybe even make you a little bit uncomfortable. From cowboy duels to Mexican fiestas to mafia intrigue. Your teams will be the heroes of their own adventures, where every game and challenge will strengthen their cooperation and team spirit.

When you say party, in Shikland it means only one thing - an unforgettable party! Whether you're celebrating a corporate achievement or getting ready for a Christmas party, you can expect a full house of fun, music and dancing. DJ, karaoke or even a live concert? It's all possible in Chicland, and for up to 15,000 people! There's simply no chance of boredom in Shikland. Those looking for a bit of adrenaline can try out tank rides or quad bikes, which will give your event a real kick. With complete facilities for events of all kinds, you don't have to worry about a thing. From comfortable accommodation, to delicious catering, to a unique evening programme, Šikland is the place to turn your corporate event into a legend. At Šikland, you can choose from a variety of themed teambuilding events that will turn your event into an unforgettable adventure. Experience the excitement of the Wild West, where you'll be able to try your hand at gold panning, tomahawk throwing or whip cracking, and dance the cancan in the evening. For fans of intrigue and mystery, the Mafia is just the ticket - throw a starfish at a target, solve a detective puzzle and visit a secret bar. If you want to stay in the Highlands in spirit for the duration of the teambuilding, you can learn to cook potato pancakes and try your hand at pitchfork throwing.


Šiklův mlýn - skupina herců u Saloonu

More information on the Šikland website.

Teambuilding in castle style in Chateau Herálec

Imagine teambuilding that takes place under the treetops in a vast English park and creative workshops in the historic lounges of a castle that breathes stories. Chateau Herálec offers you all this - a combination of work and well-being, where every idea is inspired by nature and every discussion is enriched by the sight of a green oasis of tranquillity. And when you need a break, not only can you enjoy a picnic full of local specialities in the heart of the park, but your team-building afternoons can take on a whole new dimension thanks to the magnificent wellness area.

Immerse yourself in a wellness world where the pool under the historic arches and the sauna are not just places to relax, but an environment for strengthening team spirit and forging deeper relationships among colleagues. And what would a day be without an evening barbecue in the castle courtyard, where the best ideas and plans are formed around the fire? Chateau Herálec bridges the gap between traditional teambuilding and a luxurious escape to a world where work and relaxation are in perfect harmony. Teambuilding at Chateau Herálec is not just about work, but about experiencing, sharing and discovering new horizons of teamwork together.

Chateau Herálec - wellness

More information on the Chateau Herálec website.

The gateway to unforgettable teambuilding experiences opens in the Highlands. Adrenaline, history, relaxation and creativity create a unique mix that strengthens team bonds and enriches the working environment. From mysterious expeditions in Trebic, to adrenaline challenges at Adrex Base Camp, to wild adventures in Šikland, to royal comfort at Resort Svatá Kateřina and Chateau Herálec - Vysočina offers a space where every team member can become the hero of their own story. These experiences not only exceed expectations, but also inspire new heights of collaboration and creativity. The Highlands are thus the ideal destination for teams looking not only for trust and cooperation building, but also for memorable moments that become the building blocks of a stronger and more cohesive collective. Enter a world where every team building turns into a journey of discovery, flavours and dances that will leave indelible traces in the hearts of the participants.

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