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Co-working in Vysočina region: where to find inspiration, contacts and comfort?

More and more professionals and entrepreneurs are seeking inspiration and efficiency in a shared workspace. Co-working is an increasingly popular way of working because it offers flexibility, comfort, and community. In this article you will learn what co-working is, what its benefits are and where to find shared co-working spaces in the Highlands.
Cowork Jihlava Starostové

Are you a remote worker, freelancer or entrepreneur? Are you looking for a place where you can work in peace but meet people who inspire and support you? Then you might be interested in co-working. Co-working is a way of working that brings people from different industries and companies together in one shared space. It allows them to save costs and use common office equipment from a printer to a coffee machine. Co-working also promotes collaboration, creativity and community among workers. Co-working spaces, which are often referred to as hubs, are usually designed for evening events such as seminars and lectures in addition to work. Don't expect any boring offices! In addition to traditional desks, you can expect to find things like seating bags in relaxation zones or fitness equipment to stretch during the day.

CITYWORK:S CityHUB Jihlava open space

COWORK:S CityHUB Jihlava –  here your thoughts will fly high above the ground

COWORK:S CityHUB Jihlava is one of the newest and most attractive coworking spaces in Vysočina. Moreover, just a few steps from the central Masaryk Square. 24/7 access to the chip card will be appreciated especially by night owls. CityHUB offers a modern and cosy working environment for freelancers looking for inspiration, collaboration and fun.

You can choose from seven work desks, some of which are equipped with monitors or desktop computers. There's also a kitchenette with a coffee machine and snacks, a break room with seating bags, gymnastic balls and TRX, and a meeting room with whiteboards, a flipchart and a projector. The acoustic room is perfect for podcasters. And if you're the sporty type, you can jog or bike on your way to work and use the bathroom with shower. High lofted ceilings, a bright open-plan office with skylight views of the daytime sky, completes the atmosphere of a quiet but unusual place to work. At City hub Jihlava you will meet other "freelancers" from different fields, which can be rewarding and motivating. Plus, you'll spread the costs of running the office amongst yourselves, saving you money. The prices for renting a space are very reasonable even for Jihlava, and if you have a Citycard, you can get a 10% discount on monthly membership.

Coworks City Hub Jihlava, akustická místnost pro podcastery

More information on the COWORK:S CityHUB Jihlava website.

Hubbr - modern co-working in Havlíčkův Brod

Take advantage of a working retreat instead of your own office or working from your couch, rent a meeting room or come to an inspiring event. All this in the centre of Havlíčkův Brod with 24/7 access.

Hubbr is different from other sprawling urban coworking spaces, where you just pay for a desk and chair and that's it. At Hubbr, each member receives a personalised approach that ensures that membership delivers tangible benefits and is fully tailored to each individual's needs. You'll soon realise that you'll not only get a job, but also new friendships and opportunities. By becoming a member, you get a fully equipped space with unlimited 24/7 access, a printer, flipchart, projector, kitchen with refreshments, relaxation areas or meeting rooms for complete privacy. In addition, membership will offer you 50% off Hubbro events, convenient meeting room rentals, mail pickup and other useful services. Work in peace and privacy, invite your important clients or host your own workshop. Hubbr has two meeting rooms: the small one provides an ideal environment for team meetings and collaboration or discreet client meetings during the day, while the separate space of the large meeting room provides absolute privacy and is suitable for training and lectures. In addition, Hubbr also offers private office rentals and hosts a business centre for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Hubbr Havlíčkův Brod coworking open space

More information on the Hubbr website.

Cowork Jihlava - free modern space for everyone

Are you looking for a place where you can work in peace, but at the same time meet people who inspire and support you? Then you might be interested in Cowork STAN, run by Mayors and Independents in the centre of Jihlava.

Cowork STAN is a shared workspace that offers a modern and comfortable workplace where you can implement your projects, make contacts and learn new things. And it's all free! Just fill in the form on the website and reserve your place. At Cowork STAN you can choose whether you want to work in an open space or in a closed room. There is also wifi, a printer, coffee and tea. Cowork STAN is also a meeting place for professional lectures, seminars and courses. Here you can meet people from different industries and companies who can inspire and support you. Cowork STAN is a community that shares the same vision and values. If you are looking for a flexible, comfortable and social workplace in Jihlava, don't hesitate to try Cowork STAN. You'll see that freelance work can be fun and rewarding. The entrance to the space is through the Na rohu café. Anytime outside cafe opening hours by prior reservation.

Cowork Jihlava Starostové

More information on Cowork Jihlava website.

Co-working is an ideal solution for those who want to work on their own projects but don't want to be isolated or restricted. However, it doesn't necessarily have to be only for freelancers or entrepreneurs. Can't get your team moving on a project? Rent a meeting room and watch what a simple change of scenery can do! There are several co-working spaces in the Highlands that offer not only quality working conditions, but also opportunities to make new contacts, gain inspiration and develop skills. Interested in co-working? Do you want to learn more or book a place? Visit the websites of these co-working spaces or contact them via social media.

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