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The Ayurveda Pavilion in Vysočina is the Building of the Year for 2019

The new building of the Ayurveda Pavilion in the Svatá Kateřina (Saint Catherine) Resort won the Building of the Year for 2019.
Ájurvédský pavilon z Vysočiny je Stavbou roku 2019

The results of the prestigious Building of the Year competition were announced on Monday 21 October 2019 in the Bethlehem Chapel in Prague. Located amidst the beautiful Vysočina countryside near the town of Počátky, the Ayurveda Pavilion, which opened earlier this year, was one of the buildings that received the title from the jury of experts.

The wooden Ayurveda Pavilion, designed by Jakub Tejkl, sits on top of eighty-nine monolithic stones. Its centre consists of two areas – an open atrium and a hall with a pool. The outer perimeter is enveloped by a gallery, thanks to which visitors can maintain visual contact with the surrounding open landscape, forest and a meditation garden. The whole building intensifies the effects of Ayurvedic medicine and creates an oasis of tranquility, meditation and relaxation.

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