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Meet the beauties of nature and folk architecture on educational trails

Dozens of educational trails in Vysočina offer sites of natural interest, glass making, folk architecture, traces left by painters and writers, and even wine grape growing. Come and join us on trips across the awakening countryside of our picturesque region.
Meet the beauties of nature and folk architecture on educational trails

Wrapped in many legends, Křemešník is a well-known pilgrimage site with landmarks, located in the woodlands on one of the highest peaks of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands. You can find there, for example, the Church of the Most Holy Trinity, the Chapel of St John the Baptist, a natural spring with healing water, a huge model chateau called Větrný zámek (Wind Chateau), a rope climbing park and now a window serving refreshments.

The Milovy educational trail near Křižánky tells the story of the land below Čtyři palice (Four Mallets), where the remains of the 1835 Milovy glassworks are still visible. Out of the original hamlet inhabited by glass makers, the house of the Master Glass Maker has survived to date, and has been beautifully restored.

To learn about folk architecture in Vysočina, walk along the Metodka educational trail near Věcov in the Žďár area. It will take you to places where the biggest resistance movement was active during World War Two. You will also learn more about the local iron ore mining done in the past.

Many trails have interactive features for children and other interesting destinations in the area. All you have to do is choose which part of Vysočina you want to go on holiday. Because holiday at home means holiday in Vysočina!

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