Svatá Kateřina Resort: Harmony Has Found Its Name amid Vysočina’s Forests

Resort sv._KateřinaAre you looking for a quiet place located in the heart of nature for you, your employees or business partners, but you need higher capacity conference rooms and accommodation? The Svatá Kateřina Resort near the village of Počátky might just be the answer. Found on the very borderline between Bohemia and Moravia, hidden within coniferous forests, the resort guarantees effective business meetings and fulfilling rest.

The most interesting conference room with a capacity of 160 is the Pavilion, which is prefect for holding a meeting, but because of its acoustics and a grand piano, it can also host concerts. It is the most beautiful, but definitely not the only space where you can organize a corporate event. The resort offers other multifunctional and unconventional places, including six meeting rooms with variable seating arrangements, natural daylight, and modern A/V equipment.

The resort itself used to be a hydrotherapeutic spa. In the second half of last century, it suffered from a lack of maintenance and was dilapidated until 2005, when it was bought by new owners. They gradually turned the neglected buildings into a pleasant oasis, perfect not only for business, but also leisure activities, with a specialization in healthy lifestyle packages.

That is why you will find eleven massage rooms in the hotel, with all services provided by top professionals from different parts of the world, including Sri Lanka, Bali, and India. Local attractions include a large bathtub made from one piece of lava rock and health consultations with an Ayurvedic doctor from India, complemented by an Indian chef who prepares Ayurvedic meals. The Eastern philosophy has also inspired the construction of a large Ayurvedic pavilion. Its wooden structure “levitates” on giant stone pillars.

Active relaxation can be satisfied in the large sports grounds, including a putting green. However, we were most excited about horse-back riding and mushing. through the local pristine nature. You will experience unforgettable charm, both in summer and in winter, and coming here can provide great teambuilding activities, such as the rooftop whirlpool in the main building.

The real treat in Svatá Kateřina is the Stone Circle of the Druids, a modern-day replica of a megalith structure. Its purpose is to help people with their spiritual development and improve their health.

Touch the untouchable both in your professional and personal life at the Svatá Kateřina Resort.