Letohrádek sv. Vojtěch – A Return to the Times of Butlers and Servants

Letohrádek sv._VojtěchAre you a smaller business looking for a place to spice up your everyday routine? Then Letohrádek sv. Vojtěch is the place of your choice. It can be found literarily within a stone's throw from the Svatá Kateřina Resort. The hotel features the intimate atmosphere of an interwar hall with period furnishings that can seat 80 people in a theatre arrangement, as well as a small lounge for approximately 25 guests.

Those who attend your workshop, presentation, business meeting or corporate event will enjoy both the peaceful and relaxed atmosphere of this 1930s themed hotel and comprehensive services that are provided in a modern 21st century standard. A projection screen, data projector, flipchart, sound system, LCD TV, and free Wi-Fi are available in all meeting rooms and the hotel even has its own heliport.

Just like us, you will be also astonished by the room design. Eleven luxurious suites and rooms are named after ladies and gentlemen from the first Czechoslovak Republic period: you can choose among Oldřich Nový, Adina Mandlová, Vlasta Burian, Lída Baarová or Ladislav Pešek. The last one is the only with historic links to the chateau, as he was a friend of the Smrčka family, the original owners of the villa, and used to visit them in Počátky. The rooms are furnished with such a dose of authenticity that when looking inside them, we felt like the given celebrity had just left.

The history of the building goes back far in time. The site was originally a mill owned by the Fáček family, who had it in their possession for two centuries. Later, the structure passed to factory owner J. V. Smrčka, who turned it into a sawmill and a knitwear plant. When restoring the place, the current owner came up with the idea of turning the chateau, originally intended to be a single-family residence, into an interwar-style hotel. And he succeeded. As soon as we entered the lobby, we felt that time had stopped. This feeling was further enhanced by the stylish restaurant featuring specialties prepared according to traditional recipes by Magdalena Dobromila Rettigová and the wait staff with their polished, old school speaking, refined manners, and period clothing.

Do you fancy the option of playing interwar high society and organizing a corporate event in period clothes? We would definitely consider it.