Žďár region

Žďár nad_SázavouFrom a bird’s eye view, the Žďár region is one big green carpet of forest interlaced with blue ponds. It spreads out at the top part of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands, boasts picturesque villages and in the forests protruding peaks of the PLA Žďárské vrchy. Moreover, the European dividing line of the European watershed dividing the North and Black seas, called the Roof of Europe, goes through this area.

The Nové Město region is known for sport, Golden Ski, biathlon and mountain bike races in the Vysočina Arena. The neighbourhood of Jimramov is known as the region of Jan Karafiát and his Broučci. The diversity of this part of the Vysočina region naturally also includes cultural and historical monuments, especially one which is on the UNESCO list – the Church of St. Jan Nepomucký on Zelená Hora, below which there is Žďár nad Sázavou Castle. This castle, apart from its cultural and historical value, also offers exquisite spaces for hire that can be used for conferences, meetings or cultural events. You can stay for example in the adjacent chapel, more precisely in the Chapel at St. Markéta, which will mesmerize you with its charm and great services.

If you are looking for peace and quiet for undisturbed meetings, you will undoubtedly find it for

example in Líšeňský Dvůr. The reconstructed historic building from the 16th century became a hotel a few years ago and offers a high standard of services and maximum privacy for more intimate events as well as events with a higher number of participants. For the visitors, an original congress barn has been prepared, for example. To gain a unique experience, you can also go to the Balónový Hotel, where we recommend the tasting of beer from its own brewery and balloon flights (in addition

to the new experience, you will also get an air voyager’s list). At Jelínkova villa, you can taste beer from the local brewery, but also fresh freshwater fish, which are kept here in running water in the cellar of the hotel.

The Žďár region is a place with small guesthouses and larger hotels, all of which have in common beautiful countryside and peace for undisturbed relaxation and work. Most local facilities have been providing their services for many years and can offer rich experience. However, new

places are also being opened – find out more on the following pages.