How to get to us

Great traffic accessibility and the location in the centre of the Czech Republic are one of the main characteristic points and important advantages of the Vysočina region. The main traffic artery of the Czech Republic goes through the region – the D1 Highway, which provides a connection to Brno, Praha, Ostrava, Bratislava and other important cities, and constitutes an undeniable advantage for planning events. The traffic accessibility is a determining argument for companies and organisers of conferences and other events who want to provide all their attendants with similar accessibility conditions. Especially companies with a national network of branches and sales representatives for the purpose of saving time usually choose meeting places which are advantageous for all visitors.

Although the Vysočina region does not have an international airport, air transport is provided for by airports in surrounding cities, especially Prague, Brno, Pardubice, Bratislava and Vienna. The average travel time is approximately two hours, depending on the particular destination in the region.

Have a safe journey to the Vysočina region!