Letohrádek Svatý Vojtěch

Letohrádek svatý Vojtěch offers accommodation like in the old days. It is an ideal place for demanding guests just like during the First Czechoslovak Republic – including butlers and maids.

The interior consists of 11 period suites named after famous First Republic actors and actresses and is complemented by a stylish restaurant with period service. The recipes are based on traditional period cookbooks and the ingredients, which are the basis for the meals, are from our own resources and the surrounding area.

There are also wellness procedures, an extensive park and a garden with peacocks and fallow deer. Sports enthusiasts can enjoy tennis courts, fishing directly on the premises or archery.

Additional services such as horseback riding, balloon flights, scenic helicopter flights, rides by vintage cars around local monuments dog sledding trips in winter are available as well. One of the arms of the healing spring of St. Adalbert goes to the chateau and a restored statue of the saint can be found in the adjacent park.

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