Treehouse Stvořidla

Treehouse Stvořidla is a new way of spending holiday in Vysočina. Our priority is consideration for trees and nature. Every adventurer can spend one, two or more nights in the treetops. The surroundings of the Sázava River are beautiful. Everyone who has read Jaroslav Foglar’s books will surely recall this section of Stvořidla. Hiking and cycling trails start near the treehouse. Along the way, you can freshen yourself in the cold water of the river Sázava. Jumping from boulder to boulder is a popular pastime not only for children. 

Our spacious treehouse will accommodate up to four people. Although guests can use heating in the colder months, we recommend packing warmer clothes in case of cold weather. There is a shower, toilet, outdoor kitchen with a fire and especially a cedar barrel tub.

A hearty breakfast, which we will prepare in a picnic basket at the agreed time, will get you ready for a new day. You can pull the basket yourself to the terrace of the treehouse using a rope. We try to include only the best local delicacies, some healthy snacks, a piece of cheese, some butter, a piece of salami, a piece of bread and many other goodies :) Tea and coffee, as well as a selection of fine wines, are available throughout your stay.

The cosy interior of our treehouse is furnished with solid and well-crafted furniture. The double bed is complemented by a sofa-bed, so a family of four or a group of friends can sleep here. You can sit on the spacious terrace and roast a sausage in the evening, or grill something good on the garden fire.

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