Unusual Accommodation

Letohrádek Svatý Vojtěch

Letohrádek svatý Vojtěch offers accommodation like in the old days. It is an ideal place for demanding guests just like during the First Czechoslovak Republic – including butlers and maids.


Dalešice Brewery

One of the most famous breweries in the Vysočina Region and also a picturesque hotel, where the rooms are sensitively set in the original brewery premises.

There is a brewery restaurant right in the historic building of the brewery, where you can taste Dalešice beers and traditional quality Czech cuisine.


Treehouse Stvořidla

Treehouse Stvořidla is a new way of spending holiday in Vysočina. Our priority is consideration for trees and nature. Every adventurer can spend one, two or more nights in the treetops. The surroundings of the Sázava River are beautiful. Everyone who has read Jaroslav Foglar’s books will surely recall this section of Stvořidla. Hiking and cycling trails start near the treehouse. Along the way, you can freshen yourself in the cold water of the river Sázava. Jumping from boulder to boulder is a popular pastime not only for children. 


Želiv Monastery

Želiv Monastery hotel is located in the Baroque abbey building of the Premonstratensian Želiv Monastery located in a quiet area at the confluence of the Trnávka and the Želivka, 10 km from the D1 motorway exit 90 (Humpolec). The unique atmosphere of the monastery premises, founded 870 years ago, has remained even after the extensive renovation of the hotel thanks to the artistic decoration and replicas of period furniture.


Bohuslavice Farmstead

The Farmstead is located in the middle of the picturesque village of Bohuslavice in the Telč microregion. The complex is suitable not only for relaxing, but also active holidays with children or your friends.

However, the layout of the farm also offers adequate facilities for companies for all types of training courses, meetings or teambuilding activities. Many years of experience show that it is also suitable for open air schools or school trips. We have also hosted a number of celebrations, weddings or school reunions.