Important cultural and sporting events in Vysočina

The Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

‘A mecca of documentary film’. This is what Manoel deOliveira, a Portuguese film director, called the Ji.hlava Festival. The festival is the biggest event of its kind in both Central and Eastern Europe. As in previous years, viewers will be able to watch over two hundred films, many of which will have their world premiere there. Traditional debates with filmmakers, film director courses and open discussions with controversial guests of the Inspiration Forum will be part of the festival.

Professionals are sure to appreciate the Ji.hlava Industry Programme, which has been an important part of the festival for the past sixteen years. Another, now integral part of the festival, is the Fascinations Conference, which presents the options available in the distribution of experimental films across continents.


The Peter Dvorský International Festival

This year, Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou will host its 21st International Festival of Classical Music. The festival offers a wide range of music styles, as well as countries of origin and performers. The Bohuslav Martinů Philharmonic Orchestra performed at the opening gala concert of this year’s festival under the baton of Italian conductor Sebastiano Rolli, and provided accompaniment for singers from Spain and South Korea. The entire chateau plays host to the festival, so while listening to the music you can soak in the atmosphere of historic sites, such as the Cathedral of St Margaret and the Hall of Forebears. You can listen to a different genre of music performed by Olympic in the chateau’s French garden, or listen to Lenka Dusilová in the Dalešice Brewery courtyard, where the immortal film Cutting It Short will certainly spring into your mind. Whichever concert you choose, it is bound to be an unforgettable experience.


The Music of Thousands – the Mahler Jihlava Music Festival

One of the more significant people to come from Vysočina is Gustav Mahler, who was born in the small village of Kaliště near Humpolec. It is therefore hardly surprising that the 18th edition of the music festival, which focused on musical encounters between the work of Mahler and other composers, was held in the Region’s capital, Jihlava.

The festival will feature Symphony No. 1 and musical compositions by Gustav Mahler. The new main event will be the world premiere of There’s No Good Guessing, a singspiel Josef Bárta composed in 1778, performed in collaboration with Jihlava’s Horácké Theatre and the Music and Dance Faculty at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

One of the main features of the 18th Music of Thousands Festival is the great enhancement of its international character. Among the foreign music ensembles performing at the festival are the Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra from Budapest, the Allegro Vivo Festival Orchestra from Austria, the New England Conservatory Large Symphony Orchestra from the USA and the Orchestra for the Earth from Great Britain. Simona Eisinger, Austria’s leading soprano, will feature as a solo artist.


Concentus Moraviae, the International Music Festival of 13 towns

Forty concerts, twenty-seven days, twenty towns. This could be the description of the annual festival, which was held for the 24th time this year, and its theme was: The Concert of Nations. Out of the twenty-four towns that took part in the festival this year, as many as six are situated in Vysočina, namely Dukovany, Náměšť nad Oslavou, Třebíč, Velké Meziříčí, Žďár nad Sázavou and Bystřice nad Pernštejnem.


‘PELHŘIMOV, THE TOWN OF RECORDS’, the International Festival of Records and Curiosities

If you are interested in records and curiosities, then Pelhřimov will surely make you happy. The Dobrý den (Good Day) Agency is in charge of not only the Museum of Records, but the Czech Book of Records and the administration of the Czech Database of Records as well. The International Festival of Records and Curiosities saw a great number of participants demonstrate curiosities or perform record-setting acts over two days.

New entries were added into the Record Holder Hall of Fame – Josef Dvořák, an actor who is the most famous and most frequently cast performer of watermen and water goblins (he has played the Čochtan character 741 times); and then athletes Václav Chalupa and Štěpánka Hilgertová, who both represented us in the Summer Olympic Games the most times in the history of Czech sport, i.e. six.


Folk Holidays in Náměšť nad Oslavou

The 34th Folk Holidays International Music Festival offers eight days filled with music, theatre, entertainment, exercise and relaxation. Do not let the true holidays slip by you.

This multi-art festival is held right on the grounds of the Renaissance chateau in Náměšť and nearby sites such as the Chapel of St Anne at Špitálek, the chateau library (which holds 1,300 books!), the Church of St John the Baptist and, of course, in the area adjacent to the chateau. Some parts of the programme take place in the town centre as well. This 8-day festival, which is regularly held at the end of July/early August, also appeals with its programme content. Folk Holidays more than just about concerts performed by artists of various music genres. There is also a unique opportunity to try your hand at playing a musical instrument, painting your own pictures or writing a poem. All this has been made possible by the workshops that are now an integral part of the festival. This is therefore a good way how to both immerse oneself and become part of international music and art (Austria, Colombia, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Mali, Ireland, Italy, France, Great Britain and the RSA).


Holidays in Telč

The Holidays in Telč Festival promises seventeen days filled with music, theatre and summer chill. Four festival scenes will play host to almost one hundred musicians, primarily such cult folk names as Vlasta Redl and Karel Plíhal. The new stage at Panský dvůr will again come alive with concerts performed by Bára Poláková and wild bands such as Midi Lidi and Tata Bojs.